May 14, 2021  
Catalog/Bulletin 2020-2021 
Catalog/Bulletin 2020-2021

Organizational Chart

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each student to read, understand, and be informed of all the terms conditions, and regulations set forth in the current LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans Catalog/Bulletin. The printed form of the current Catalog/Bulletin is available from the LSU Health Sciences Center, Office of the Registrar. The electronic version of this Catalog/Bulletin is available at WWW.LSUHSC.EDU/CATALOG/.

Each student is personally responsible for observing dates relevant to registration, adding courses, dropping courses, withdrawals, and resignation from the University. In addition, each student is expected to comply with time limits set forth by their school for the attainment of his or her degree or certificate.


Any inquiries relative to the text or faculty listings contained herein should be directed to the Office of the Dean, or to the Office of Student Affairs, of the particular school of interest.