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Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 
Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The original charter creating the Louisiana State University, by Legislative Act 145 of 1877, authorized the creation of the School of Medicine at New Orleans.

On January 3, 1931, the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors and the governing board of the Medical Center of Louisiana, New Orleans met at New Orleans and founded the School of Medicine. Dr. Arthur Vidrine was named the first Dean and construction began in 1931.

The School accepted fifty first year and twenty-eight third year students and classes began October 1, 1931. The twenty-eight transfer students were graduated in 1933 and the first fourth year class graduated in 1935. The number of students has been gradually increased to the present 176 first year students.

Post World War II saw erection of the newer building portions at 1542 Tulane Avenue, construction of the Residence Hall and Student Center at 1900 Perdido Street, the completion of the Medical Education Building at 1901 Perdido Street, the Lions-LSU Clinics Building at 2020 Gravier Street, the Resource Center at 433 Bolivar Street, and the Clinical Science Building at 533 Bolivar Street.

Through May 2005, over 8,500 physicians have graduated from the School of Medicine, and more than half have remained in Louisiana.

The School is now in its seventy-sixth year of education, research, and service to the public.