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Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 
Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Refund of Fees and Tuition

Upon Termination of Enrollment

Students who withdraw during the first 60% of an enrollment period (semester, term, or billing period) receive a proportional refund of applicable fees based on the percentage of days remaining in the enrollment period as of the withdrawal date. For example, a student who withdraws on the 36th day of a 118- day enrollment period would receive a 70.34% refund of applicable fees. Students who withdraw after the first 60% of the enrollment period do not receive a refund.

For student financial aid recipients, the refund is generally returned to the aid programs (SEE “Return of Title IV Funds ” in the Student Financial Aid Section of this Catalog/Bulletin).

Withdrawal date is the day the student begins the official Termination of Enrollment process or otherwise officially notifies the institution of their intent to withdraw. For unofficial withdrawals, the latter of the 50% point in the enrollment period or the last documented date of a student’s educational activity (such as an exam, lab assignment, or academic advisement appointment) is used. The first day of a leave of absence is considered the withdrawal date, unless the student is granted a special exemption based on the nature and length of the leave and their ability to return during the same academic period and resume studies without incurring any additional financial liability.

Upon Dropping Courses

The refund of fees will be made on the following basis.

  1. Before classes begin, 100 per cent
  2. During the first two full weeks of classes, 75 per cent
  3. During the third and fourth full weeks of classes, 50 per cent
  4. Thereafter, none

In making refunds during the summer term, time lapses are reduced to one-half of the above. Fees for auditing courses will not be refunded. Refunds or fee adjustments and the assignment of appropriate grades, which may be necessitated by course changes, board examinations, or terminations of enrollment, will be determined by the date on which such notices are received in the Registrar’s Office.