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Catalog/Bulletin 2012-2013 
Catalog/Bulletin 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Students

Non-degree seeking students

Non-degree seeking students may apply for admission in a non-degree seeking status in order to register for courses at the LSUHSC School of Public Health. Upon completion of a maximum of nine hours, those individuals will be required to apply for full admission into a specific academic program if they wish to apply earned credits toward the MPH degree.

Degrees for Full-time Faculty and Staff

The School of Public Health will not award graduate degrees to full-time faculty of the Health Sciences Center above the rank of Instructor or to other employees without permission of the Program and the Dean, and the Health Sciences Center, as appropriate.

LSUHSC Employees

LSUHSC employees who are admitted to one of the Programs may not register for more than six hours of credit per semester. No full-time employee will be permitted to register without written approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor, program director, and Dean.

The employee must deliver the approval to the Director of Admissions and Student Affairs of the School of Public Health at least two weeks before registration.

The employee must also complete a School of Public Health application form and pay the $30 application fee. At registration, the employee will pay for the course according to the Health Sciences Center Fee Schedule. All employees are required to maintain health insurance and submit a completed LSUHSC Student Health Services Form directly to the HSC Student Health Clinic. The employee/student must complete the Schedule of Courses Form, and have it signed by the employee’s supervisor before submitting it for registration.