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Catalog/Bulletin 2012-2013 
Catalog/Bulletin 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LSUHSC-NO Policies for Students

Alcohol Use

The use of alcohol is prohibited in classroom buildings, laboratories, auditoriums, library buildings, faculty and administrative offices, athletic facilities, and all other public campus areas. Alcohol may be served for special events on campus sponsored by the institution with written authorization from the Dean, Chancellor, or their authorized designee and when the LSUHSC’s Guidelines for Responsible Use of Alcohol are followed. These Guidelines also apply to the use of alcohol at LSUHSC sponsored functions off campus.

The Guidelines are contained in CM-36 (Guidelines for the responsible use of Alcohol at the LSU Health Sciences Center) at

Violence-Free Workplace

Everyone has a reasonable expectation to perform his/her assigned duties in an atmosphere free of threats and assaults. Recognizing the increasing incidence of violence in the workplace, the Governor of the State of Louisiana issued an executive order committing the State of Louisiana to work toward a violence-free workplace. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans fully supports this effort and is committed to a violence-free workplace. In response, LSUHSC-NO issued CM-44 (Violence in the Workplace Policy, and Workplace Violence Prevention Plan) at

CM-44 contains LSUHSC-NO’s Firearms and Weapons Policy. This policy states that it is illegal and expressly prohibited to engage in the unauthorized carrying of a firearm, or a dangerous weapon, by a student or non-student on University property at anytime. This includes but is not necessarily limited to school sponsored functions or in a firearm-free zone. Violators will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Other topics covered under CM-44 include the following.

  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Personal Conduct to Minimize Violence
  • How to Deal with Bomb Threats

Substance Abuse

Authorized use of, possession of, or being under the influence of alcohol and the illegal use, abuse, possession, manufacture, dispensation, distribution of, or being under the influence of controlled or illegal drugs is prohibited while at work, on call, on duty, at school, or engaged in Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans campus (LSUHSC-NO) business on or off LSUHSC-NO premises. LSUHSC-NO provides for an on-going alcohol and drug-testing program for reasonable suspicion/for cause, post accident, periodic monitoring or aftercare, and random testing.

The schools of the Health Sciences Center actively maintain programs dealing with all aspects of chemical dependency, such as prevention, intervention and rehabilitation. Education in substance abuse is provided through workshops and seminars, and has become an integral part of the curriculum of each school.

This Substance Abuse Policy applies to all faculty, staff, residents, and students of LSUHSC-NO. Students must understand that initial and continued enrollment is contingent upon compliance to this policy. The complete policy is in CM-38 (Substance Abuse Policy and Procedures) and is located at

Information Technology

Users of the Information Technology infrastructure are expected to exhibit responsible behavior and comply with all federal and state laws, LSUHSC-NO rules and policies, terms of computing contracts, and software licensing rules. Students should not engage in any activity that jeopardizes the availability, performance integrity, or security of the IT infrastructure. For example, students should not

  • use peer-to-peer (P2P) applications that take up bandwidth for the downloading of music, games, and video
  • deliberately or recklessly overload access links or switching equipment by using streaming media such as web radio and other mechanisms

CM-42 contains the entire LSUHSC-NO Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Policy and is located at By using a computer on the LSUHSC IT infrastructure, students acknowledge that they are subject to the terms of CM-42 and that they give their unrestricted consent to the monitoring, copying, and unrestricted distribution of any transmission/communication or image generated, received by, sent by, or stored in the computer. Noncompliance could result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from an academic program, and civil or criminal liability.

Weather Related Emergency Procedures

During a weather event that requires closing of the campus, LSUHSC-NO will not function as an evacuation site for students. CM 51 (Policy on Weather Related Emergency Procedures for LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans) at has information about disaster preparedness. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this information.

Student Responsibilities and Rights

Students are responsible for complying with all policies/procedures, rules and regulations and other information published by the Health Sciences Center at New Orleans. In addition, students are expected to abide by all federal, State and local laws.

Mistreatment and abuse of students by faculty, residents, staff, or fellow students is contrary to the educational objectives of the LSUHSC at New Orleans and will not be tolerated.

CM-56 (Student Responsibilities and Rights at LSUHSC-NO) located at describes additional responsibilities and rights. CM-56 also describes the procedures for addressing student complaints including informal conflict resolution and filing a formal complaint.