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Catalog/Bulletin 2013-2014 
Catalog/Bulletin 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Each school of the Health Sciences Center at New Orleans has established and administers policies on the satisfactory academic progress of its students. These policies include:

  1. A delineation of the minimum grades, which must be achieved to meet the criteria for satisfactory academic progress
  2. A full description of the application of these policies in regard to the various categories of students
  3. A specific definition of the effects of course incompletes, withdrawals, and repetitions on satisfactory academic progress
  4. An explanation of the appeals process for those students who have been determined as not making satisfactory progress

For a full description of each school’s policies, consult the appropriate section of this Catalog.

Generally, students must have successfully earn at least 67% of hours attempted and maintain a GPA consistent with the requirements for graduation to maintain eligibility for federal student aid. Satisfactory Academic Progress is reviewed for financial aid purposes at the end of each regular academic year.

Students not meeting the applicable qualitative (GPA/successful course completion) and quantitative (pace of completion) standards for their programs of study become ineligible for federal student aid, even if they are allowed to continue their program of study. Loss of federal aid eligibility remains in effect unless and until the student returns to satisfactory academic progress, unless the student successfully appeals for earlier reinstatement.

Written appeals for reinstatement of eligibility are reviewed by the Student Financial Aid Director and Associate Director in consultation with academic officials. Appeals must identify any circumstances related to the students’ academic standing, and present a plan for recovery to satisfactory progress by the end of the next semester/payment period. An approved appeal results in a status of financial aid probation with federal aid eligibility for one semester/payment period.

Failure of a student on financial aid probation to attain satisfactory academic progress at the end of the probationary term results in the loss of federal aid eligibility. In such cases students may request development of an Academic Plan in conjunction with an academic official of the school. Students placed on an Academic Plan remain eligible for federal student aid while they meet the requirements of the plan. Failure to do so results in the loss of federal aid eligibility.

The Health Sciences Center requires that all work towards a bachelors, graduate, or professional degree be completed in not more than eight calendar years and that all work toward a certificate or an associate degree be completed in not more than five calendar years. Any requests for extension of this policy are subject to approval by the appropriate committee within each school and the dean of that school.