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Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 
Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Health

Student Health Insurance

The Health Sciences Center offers a group health insurance program for students. At the time of registration, students must either purchase coverage from this plan or must be prepared to show evidence of coverage by another plan, in which case the requirement to purchase may be waived. Students who receive medical treatment or who are referred to outside hospitals or clinics will be responsible for their bills. Students will be expected to pay the charges and then file a claim with their insurance carrier.

Student Health Services and Records

LOCATION: Administration
  Lions-LSU Clinic Building, Rm. 716
  Student Clinic
  3700 St. Charles Avenue, 2nd Floor
PHONE: Administration
  (504) 525-4839
  Student Clinic
  (504) 412-1366
  AFTER HOURS: (504) 412-1366

Out-patient care for episodic illnesses, emergencies, and chronic illnesses is provided by student health clinic. The cost of primary care services for student out-patient visits at student health is supplemented with a portion of the University Fee. Students, and/or their insurance carriers are responsible for costs related to laboratory, X-ray, medications, hospital bills, consultants and other non-reimbursed fees. A physician is on call 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

Registration in the Health Sciences Center is not complete until a student submits the completed Student Health History and Physical Examination form, and the student’s health has been determined to be adequate for the performance of assignments and duties. Documentation of titer level or date of immunization for the following is required: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Diphtheria, Tetanus Poliomyelitis and Meningitis Vaccine. In addition, a tuberculin skin test, or chest x-ray if the skin test is positive, is required within 90 days of registration and Hepatitis B vaccination is required for admission to clinical curricula in the Schools of Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Professions. All students must have tuberculin skin tests on a yearly basis. All students must provide written documentation of the satisfaction of all health requirements at least two weeks prior to the first day of registration. Those students not in compliance with student health requirements will not be allowed to register for classes until student health requirements are completely satisfied.

Under the auspices of the Student Health Service there is no provision for dental care, or the treatment of visual problems or chronic physical disabilities, which are present and amenable to correction. These problems should be corrected before matriculation.

Student Health Service is not responsible for the care of students who withdraw or resign from the University.

Students who wish to be treated by health care providers other than those furnished by the Student Health Service relieve the Health Service of responsibility for their welfare. There is no refund of any portion of the University fee if this option is selected.

Short-term mental health crisis/stress counseling services are available to enrolled students through partial funding from student health fees. Counselors are available on and off campus.

A health promotion program is also partially funded as a component of Student Health Services. Programs are offered in aerobics, stress management, time management, and other wellness promotion topics. A health analysis is available to assist in lifestyle modifications for an improved health status. An active student/faculty committee has developed this component.

Complete details on the available Student Health Services will be provided to students at registration.

When leaving the University, graduates may pick up a copy of their records from Student Health Service. Records are kept on active file for five years after the student graduates.

Billing and Payment

There is a requisite student health fee at registration. This fee includes the Fitness Center registration.

LSUHSC requires that students purchase and maintain health insurance either through our agent or independently. If purchased independently, the policy obtained by the student must offer comprehensive medical insurance coverage comparable to or exceeding the level of coverage offered through the Health Sciences Center. Students are encouraged to purchase health insurance for their dependents through LSU or independently.

Privacy of Student Health Records

Student health records are protected by HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) and are kept separate from other student records in the Office of Student Health Services.

Campus Assistance Program

PHONE/CRISIS LINE: (504) 568-8888

The LSUHSC Campus Assistance Program (CAP) is a free service provided by the LSU Health Sciences Center to assist faculty, staff, residents, students and immediate family members in the resolution of personal problems.
LSUHSC recognizes that everyone, at some time, needs a “helping hand” or assistance. Whether it is a simple or complex problem, the LSUHSC Campus Assistance Program (CAP) can help. CAP provides the following resources.

  • Crisis Line (504-568-8888) with a CAP counselor on-call 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Services provided for problems with anxiety, depression, stress, marriage and family, relationships, legal or financial referrals, grief, alcohol or drugs and other concerns impacting academic performance.
  • Short-term counseling for problem clarification is available.  If after talking with the counselor, a referral to a specialist within the community is needed, one will be made for the best cost-effective treatment for your problem.