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Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 
Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


All students are expected to comply with the general Health Sciences Center provisions governing registration as specified in the general information section of this publication.


General fees and tuition are described in the general information section of this publication under the heading:

Additional Expenses

  1. All incoming first year student must possess a notebook computer as part of the required equipment needed for classes. As the curriculum of the School of Medicine advances into the future, our technology requirements continue to grow. Computer-based learning materials and exams are part of the curriculum. To ensure standardized testing conditions and computer support, all students must purchase the specified model through the School of Medicine. The approximate cost of the computer will be $2,000 including hardware, software, 4 year warranty, 4 year damage replacement, shipping and taxes, locking cable and carrying case. A fact sheet which includes specifications and order form will be sent to accepted applicants for admission. The cost of the computer is added to the student’s Fall fee bill and is eligible for financial aid.
    In addition, freshman students are charged a $120 examination fee to cover costs of National Board of Medical Examiners shelf examinations in Physiology, Neurosciences and Biochemistry which serve as final examinations in the respective courses. Sophomore students are charged $40 for examination fees for the National Board final examination in Pharmacology. Third year students are charged $280 for National Board final examination fees in the clinical clerkships of Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurosciences, Surgery and Psychiatry. Fourth year students are charged $130 for an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course. Licensure examinations required for promotion to the third year (Step 1 of United States Licensing Medical Licensing Examination - USMLE) and graduation (Step 2 Clinical Knowledge) of USMLE are $535 each. In addition, the cost of a second component of Step 2, Clinical Science (CS) examination is $1140.
  2. Other items - Students must obtain the required textbooks, special equipment, stethoscopes, dissecting instruments, and other material specified during the course of study. Coats of specified color and design are to be worn by students while at School. These items are available from the bookstores of the Health Sciences Center.

Approximate expenses for books and equipment are estimated as follows.

  First Year $4,170
  Second Year $2,409
  Third Year $2,045
  Fourth Year $1,325

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence for a short period of several weeks up to one year may be granted to a student in good standing, subject to the discretion of the Dean, because of illness or other appropriate reasons. Students taking short-term leaves of absence of less than one week must make acceptable arrangements with the faculty involved for completion of course work and other assignments which will be missed. Leave of absence of a longer duration may be granted students in good standing for reasons of a personal nature or to participate in a special program of research or other activity designed to augment the student’s academic training. Specific arrangements must be made on an individual basis with the Dean before beginning a leave of absence. Leaves of absence may be granted any student who, in the opinion of the student’s physician, requires time away from school to resolve the medical problem. The physician must formally make the request of the leave of absence to the Office of Student Affairs. The University policy governing the processing of leave of absence are applicable and is described in the general information section of this publication.


Students are permitted to withdraw from the School of Medicine at any time. If they wish to be considered for readmission, they must file an application for readmission with the Office of Student Affairs and Records and be evaluated by the promotions committee of the year in the curriculum from which the student withdrew.

Re-Admission Process

Students who have voluntarily withdrawn from the School of Medicine or who have been dismissed may elect to apply for re-admission. The promotions committee of the year within the curriculum in which the student either withdrew from, or was dismissed, will review the application and recommend to the Dean the appropriate action to be taken. To enable the promotions committee to accurately appraise the applicant for re-admission the applicant is requested to:

  1. Write a letter to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Records summarizing reasons for withdrawal or dismissal from the School of Medicine and the steps undertaken to resolve these reasons.
  2. Provide evidence supporting the summary statement above, including transcripts of all academic programs, letters of recommendation from faculty or other individuals whom the applicant has attended classes under, or has worked with, and documentation of any other specific experiences which are relevant to the situation. This supporting evidence should be sent directly to the Office of Student Affairs and Records under separate cover by the responsible individual.
  3. Review the basis for readmission with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Records at a time two to four weeks preceding the meeting of the promotions committee.
  4. Arrange to make a personal appearance before the promotions committee to answer any additional questions which may be considered.

Application for re-admission should occur no later than March 1 of the year during which re-admission is requested. Because of the large number of well-qualified applicants for admission to medical school, and the few vacancies in other years of the curriculum, the re-admissions route is limited.