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Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 
Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Aid

Office of Student Affairs
Lions Eye Center, 2020 Gravier Street
7th Floor
(504) 568-4874

A broad program of student aid is administered to offer needy students opportunities to defray expenses through awards, scholarships, and loans.


The School of Medicine in New Orleans offers a variety of scholarship programs for students ranging from merit-based, merit/financial need based and merit/financial need based for students of a disadvantaged background. The medical school Scholarship Committee has the responsibility of recommending to the Dean of the School policy which includes level of support, eligibility criteria and selection procedures for each type of scholarship program.

The Medical Alumni Association Scholarships

The Fred Allison, Jr., M.D. Scholarship

The Sidney F. Guyol and Jay Guyol Chetta, MD, (‘48) Endowed Scholarship

The James Alexander Thom III, MD (‘42) Scholarship

The Edgar Hull, MD, Scholarship

The Clay E. Easterly, MD, (‘41) Memorial Scholarship

Henry (‘43) and Delia Selby Merit Scholarship

Dr. Lynn Churchill Hartman Merit (‘46) Scholarship

Dr. Edmond C. Campbell (‘39) Merit Scholarship

The Timothy Ware Schurtz Memorial Scholarship

Lynwood James Brassett, M.D. and Joann Bontemps Brassett Endowed Scholarship

J.K. Howles, M.D. Scholarship

Keith S. Morgan, M.D. Scholarship

Charles Alford, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

George Haik, M.D. Scholarship

Angela Christian, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

The George J. Waguespack/Arlie E. Ogle Memorial Scholarship

The Charlene Baker Memorial Scholarship

The Mary Giordano, MD, (‘56) Memorial Scholarship

The Daniel W. Beacham, MD, (‘43) Memorial Scholarship

The Bobbie A. Millet Scholarship

The Sandi Rottschafer Memorial Scholarship

St. Claude Medical Foundation Scholarships

Hotel Dieu Medical Staff Scholarships

Morris Sherman, MD Scholarship

Richard Vial, MD Memorial Scholarship

Dalton S. Oliver, MD Scholarship

John Foret, MD Scholarship

Shira Kansas, MD Memorial Scholarship

The Seese/Voors Memorial Scholarship

The Michael Connell, MD Memorial Scholarship

The Harry B. Caplan Memorial Scholarship

The Adatto Family Scholarship

Colin D. Goodier, MD (‘05) Memorial Scholarship

James A. “Buddy” Nobles, Jr., MD (‘06) Memorial Scholarship

James O. Lilly, MD (‘59) Memorial Scholarship

Michael L. Wheelis, MD (‘87) Scholarship

Other Scholarships

The LSUHSC Foundation Past Chairmen Scholarships - the LSUHSC Foundation annually sponsors scholarships in honor of past Board Chairman Angela Hill, Mary Ella Sanders, M.D., and Andre Rubenstein. The scholarships provided are based on half of the cost of tuition. Incoming students are selected by the scholarship committee on the basis of merit.

The Southern Medical Association Medical Student Scholarship The Southern Medical Association makes available $1,000 annually to the School of Medicine for the purpose of providing assistance to third year students who have performed academically in an outstanding manner and have financial need.

The Kellogg Endowment Fund Scholarship - The scholarship is sponsored by the Kellogg Endowment Fund and is awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence and is in need of financial assistance.

Scholarship Program for Students of Disadvantaged Background - This scholarship, offered to incoming first year medical students is designed to assist those who have not had the benefits of our usual student in the areas of primary and secondary education, family income, social and cultural experiences. Special consideration will be given to those who have excelled academically. Support will be available for a four year period providing the student remains in good academic standing. Interested applicants should send a letter describing their particular disadvantage to the Office of Admissions.

Potential applicants for any of the scholarship funds should contact the Office of Student Affairs and Records for further details regarding eligibility.


The National Medical Fellowships Scholarships are awarded to minority students. The amounts are determined by National Medical Fellowships, Inc. Application should be made directly to: National Medical Fellowships, Inc., 250 West Fifty-Seventh Street, New York, N.Y. 10019.

Loan Funding Opportunities

The Student Emergency Loan Fund -This fund was established with monies given to the School of Medicine as a class gift by the Class of 1958. Additional contributions have been made in the name of medical alumni and in memory of Mr. Jacob H. Rowe and Dr. Julius Bosch. Loans to needy students on a short-term basis are made by the Office of Student Affairs.

The Joe Jones Emergency Loan Fund - The Joe Jones Emergency Loan Fund was established by the Graduating Class of 1973, as a memorial to the late Joe Everette Jones, a member of the class. The loan is for emergency use only, maximum $200, at six percent interest for a period of one (1) year, without collateral. The loan is limited to Senior students having emergency needs.

The George S. Bel Medical Student Loan Fund - This fund was established by the late Mrs. George S. Bel as a memorial to her late husband, Dr. Bel, who was the founding professor and head of the Department of Medicine and served until his death in 1939. The fund will be used primarily to grant emergency loans to Seniors who wish to schedule electives or who wish to arrange interviews for residency programs located out of state. Loans of up to $500 may be made and must be repaid within a year at an annual interest rate of 7 percent.

The Adolph H. Sellmann Memorial Emergency Loan Fund - This program was established in 1979 by friends and associates of the late Dr. Sellmann, former associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology until his retirement in 1977. This loan is designed primarily for Senior students who wish to schedule electives or who wish to arrange interviews for residency programs located out of state. Loans of up to $500 may be made and must be repaid within one year at an annual interest rate of 7 percent.

The Mary Dworak Fasting Loan Fund - This fund, set up in memory of the late Mary Dworak Fasting, is available to needy third and fourth year students. Loans are interest free and repayable before the end of the Summer, following approval of the loan.

A complete detailing summary of all provisions governing financial aid available to students of the Health Sciences Center may be found elsewhere in this publication under the heading: TYPES OF STUDENT FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE.


Because of the demanding requirements of the modern medical curriculum, it is unwise for students to count upon meeting their expenses by outside work. The faculty does not specifically forbid such additional duties but does definitely discourage them. The faculty, furthermore, reserves the right to require that such duties be discontinued if they interfere with the satisfactory progress of prescribed studies. This ruling applies to externships as well as to all other kinds of extracurricular work. Students are required to notify the Office of Student Affairs and Records if they accept employment or undertake extracurricular work.