Sep 18, 2020  
Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 
Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Conduct

All students are asked to sign a SPH Code of Condcut during orientation; this informs students of the academic and professional behavioral expectations in the School of Public Health and minimzes difficulties and conflict throughout the students’ academic careers.

Academic misconduct includes plagiarism, cheating, fabrication of documents, academic theft or forgery, resubmission of work, bribery, and facilitating academic misconduct on behalf of another.

Students’ rights and responsibilities in cases of professional misconduct policy, as well as procedures for addressing complaints and possible disciplinary actions are detailed in Chancellors Memorandum 56.

Additional details about procedures related to academic and professional misconduct are found in School of Public Health Student Handbook. The Student Handbook describes the protocol for dealing with charges of misconduct. It also includes a list of repercussions that may result with the finding of misconduct and details the manner in which appeals may be sought. Students may be dismissed for misconduct following the procedures in CM-56.