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Catalog/Bulletin 2015-2016 
Catalog/Bulletin 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Course Examinations

Examinations may be written, oral, practical, or a combination of all three. Failure to pay fees may cause a student to be restricted from taking examinations. The department head or the course director with approval of the department head has the option to re-examine any student at any time or to give the student any additional test or tests other than those regularly scheduled, with the objective of arriving at a more accurate evaluation of the student’s academic performance.

Examination materials will be retained by the course director/department until after registration for the next academic year unless a grade appeal has been filed. Materials should be retained as long as an appeal is in progress.

National Board Examinations

National Board Dental Examination, Part I: Each student in the Program in Dentistry is required to challenge this examination to be eligible for consideration for promotion to the third-year dental class. Students may be requested to show proof of examination challenge date. Official notification (from the ADA) of the student’s successful completion (passing score) on this examination must be received by the School of Dentistry as a requirement of eligibility for consideration for promotion to the fourth-year dental class. Recommendations regarding continued enrollment, for any student failing to meet this policy, will be made by the Academic Performance Advancement Committee for the Program in Dentistry.

National Board Dental Hygiene Examination: Each second-year student in the Program in Dental Hygiene is required to challenge this examination prior to the scheduled graduation date to be eligible for promotion to graduation in May of that academic year.