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Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 
Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Sixteen people have served the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans as Dean since its inaugural convocation, October 1, 1931. The names of the fifteen former deans and their period of deanship are as follows.

Arthur Vidrine, MD (1931-1937)

Joseph Rigney D’Aunoy, MD (1937-1939)

Beryl Iles Burns, MD (1939-1945)

Wilbur Cleveland Smith, MD (1945)

George Walter McCoy, MD (1945-1946)

Vernon William Lippard, MD (1946-1949)

William Wesley Frye, PhD, MD (1949-1966)

John Charles Finerty, PhD (1966-1971)

Norman Crooks Nelson, MD (1971-1973)

Silas Edgar O’Quinn, MD (1973-1977)

Paul Frank Larson, MD (1977-1985)

Robert Frank Dyer, PhD (1985-1986) Acting

Robert S. Daniels, MD (1986-1995)

Robert L. Marier, MD, MHA (1995-2002)

J. Patrick O’Leary, MD (2002-2004) Interim

Larry H. Hollier, MD (2004-2007)