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Catalog/Bulletin 2018-2019 
Catalog/Bulletin 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Conduct


The School of Allied Health Professions has a policy relative to student conduct. Students are responsible for obtaining a copy of the document entitled “Policy and Procedures Related to Student Conduct”. Copies of this document may be obtained through the students’ department, the Director of Student Affairs or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Dress and Professional Appearance

As future health professionals, students are expected to maintain appropriate standards of dress, grooming, and appearance. A dress and grooming code, developed by students, is promulgated to all students in the School. Additional requirements may be imposed in some departments for reasons of health, safety, or public relations. All students must comply with the applicable dress and grooming standards of the School and their department, as they would with any other University regulation. Copies of the dress and grooming code are available from the Office of Student Affairs.

Special Students

Special students are defined as students who are not matriculated for purposes of pursuing a full program directly leading to the award of a degree. Appropriate credits earned while in special-student status may later be applicable toward a degree, at the discretion of the department head.

Special students must do the following.

  1. Submit application for admission to the School and the department
  2. Pay the application fee and such other tuition and fees as are required by the department, the School, the Health Sciences Center, and the LSU System
  3. Supply the required official transcripts of all post-secondary education completed or underway at the time of application
  4. Complete the student health physical form and return to Student Health Services by the required date for the entering semester
  5. Meet all other requirements for maintaining satisfactory progress, for attendance, and for completion of course work

Registration as a special student does not guarantee future acceptance and admission as a regular, degree-seeking student.