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Catalog/Bulletin 2012-2013 
Catalog/Bulletin 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DENT 2116 - Removable Prosthodontic Techniques

[96 Hours]
This course uses the knowledge and skills developed in the course Introduction to Complete Dentures as a basis for higher level mastery. The student will learn the diagnosis and basic principles of design and construction of immediate dentures, overdentures and single complete dentures. Furthermore, the student will learn and develop the necessary skills to reline, rebase and repair complete dentures. The laboratory sessions should enable a student to deal successfully with practical cases drawn from clinical practice. In the second half of the course, emphasis will be placed on learning the removable partial denture components and their construction as well as basic principles of design. The student will design and construct a removable partial denture on a mannequin. Special attention will also be given to the technical aspects of partial denture construction relating them biologically to the patient to make it more meaningful. The student will also learn impression techniques, intraoral registration records, and placement and adjustment of the prosthesis. The student will learn to design removable partial dentures of various classifications. The laboratory sessions should enable the student to deal successfully with practical cases drawn from clinical practice. At the conclusion of the course, the student should be able to diagnose correctly oral conditions that influence removable prosthodontic treatment, establish removable prosthodontic treatment, design removable prostheses and write a work authorization form for the laboratory technician. (Department of Prosthodontics)