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Catalog/Bulletin 2015-2016 
Catalog/Bulletin 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


[152 Hours]
Description Needed The L 4 students will spend 4 weeks involved in a clinical research project under the direction of a faculty mentor of his/her choice. Dr. Rohan Walvekar is the Director of Research for the department and will oversee the research project in addition to the assigned mentor and will mentor the student if wished. The expectation of this rotation is for the student to learn how to formulate a hypothesis, design the study and collect data. Analysis of data and presentation in the form of a written manuscript is encouraged during the research block. Students will have the opportunity to complete the project after the rotation if necessary and if time allows. The ultimate goal of this rotation is for students to present a research project at an appropriate regional or national meeting. A written evaluation will be completed at the end of the rotation.