Oct 28, 2020  
Catalog/Bulletin 2016-2017 
Catalog/Bulletin 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


[270 Credits]
In this course, the student will learn to diagnose and to increase proficiency in the design, fabrication, and follow-up care of complete dentures, removable partial dentures, immediate denture, and overdentures. Students will also be required to complete or assist the fabrication of an implant retained full denture or partial denture. Through clinical experience, the student will apply the knowledge and skills gained in the prosthodontics preclinical course. Patient treatment and understanding allow the student to learn how to earn patient trust and cooperation. Successful completion of the Removable Prosthodontic Competency Examination is required by the last day of this course. This course will also allow the student to gain clinical experience in the discipline of fixed prosthodontics. The student will treat patients requiring single crowns and fixed partial dentures that restore natural teeth and implant (s). Additionally, students will also be required to complete or assist the restoration of an implant with a crown. Patient treatment will allow the student to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the preclinical courses while the student is closely supervised in a clinical setting. The role of fixed prosthodontics, as it relates to other disciplines and total patient care, will be emphasized through detailed treatment plans that encompass all aspects of restorative dentistry. Close cooperation with the removable clinical course is required to facilitate the construction of removable-partial-denture abutment crowns.