May 10, 2021  
Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 
Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


[342 Hours]
Students rotate through a nine week block, which consists of six weeks on general surgery, and three weeks on surgical specialties. During the surgical specialty block, the student will spend three weeks on a service selected from Plastic, Vascular, Pediatric, Orthopaedic, ENT , Urology or Cardio-Thoracic surgery. The core lecture series will cover all of the above specialties. On the General Surgical rotation, students will spend four weeks at the Medical Center of Louisiana or at the adjacent Veterans Administration Hospital. Ward rounds supervised by the teaching staff are held on each service. Visiting staff rounds are held at least twice weekly. In addition once weekly students are assigned with their surgical team to the surgical outpatient dispensary where they are supervised by the teaching staff in the management of ambulatory surgical patients. Pre- and post-operative care and diagnosis are stressed. Experience in minor surgery also is provided at this time. During the block, students also have supervised experience with work on the wards, in the operating rooms, and in the emergency room, where they are instructed in the managements of minor and major surgical emergencies. Weekly throughout the course, the weekly class attends a conference conducted by the full time staff in which clinical clerks on ward services present selected patients for discussion of diagnosis and management. Other weekly conferences in which students participate are cardio-thoracic, peripheral-vascular, tumor and basic science discussions.