Feb 27, 2021  
Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 
Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


[152 Hours]
The fourth year course in surgical critical care has been structured to provide the student with an intense and comprehensive clinical experience in the management of critically ill patients. Students will be assigned to the Medical Center of Louisiana, New Orleans, where daily teaching and work rounds are made in the Trauma ICU and medical ICU. Students will be assigned to a specific preceptor for the entire four week block and will function with the house staff as a member of the surgical team, including but not limited to: central venous and arterial line insertion with interpretation of results; chest tube insertion; mechanical ventilator management; complex wound care; fluid, nutritional and electrolyte management; infection control and antibiotic therapy; major trauma resuscitation; care of patients with closed head injuries and education about end-of-life issues. In addition, participation is expected in operations such as tracheostomy, gastrostomy, amputations and abdominal exploration with control of major sepsis. Weekly Trauma/Critical Care conferences focus on various aspects of patient care, both from a clinical and a basic science perspective. The course will be structured to give each student the maximum responsibility possible, and to simulate the experience obtained in a house staff training position.