Oct 31, 2020  
Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 
Catalog/Bulletin 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


[4 Credits]
This is the fourth in a sequence of four courses, which has both didactic and clinical (150 hours) components. It is based on Healthy People 2010 is the foundation, and the program is developed from the Scope and Standards of Public Health Nursing, and the Public Health Nurse Competencies (Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations), with the perspective of population focused, community oriented advanced public health/community health professional nursing practice. In the didactic component students will develop further their knowledge of the structure and strategies of types of inquiry known as evaluation. Some of the social, political, legal and ethical forces that shape evaluation design, implementation, and utilization will be studied. The focus is from a theoretical and research basis. Health policy and health law and the implications for advanced public health/community health nursing are examined. Practicum: the student continues with the implementation of their community health program, evaluating its effectiveness and sustainability and how the evaluation plan needs amending. Prerequisites: NURS 6303, NURS 6341.