May 26, 2020  
Catalog/Bulletin 2013-2014 
Catalog/Bulletin 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Amy Young, MD
Head of the Department

General Obstetrical and Gynecological Services

Martha J. Brewer, MD
Chief of the Section

The LSU General Obstetric and Gynecology Section, comprised of actively practicing Ob-Gyn generalist physicians, provides patient care which encompasses many aspects of women’s reproductive healthcare ranging from general gynecology and obstetrics to fertility and uro-gynecology. The section provides care for ambulatory and inpatient obstetrical patients as well as outpatient and inpatient surgical care at the LSU Interim Public Hospital, University Medical Center in Lafayette and Touro Infirmary in New Orleans.

Resident and student education is fostered by weekly didactic lectures and conferences, daily faculty rounds, twice daily board rounds, pre-op conference and grand rounds. Well attended low risk and high risk obstetrical and gynecologic resident and student clinics are immediately adjacent to LSUIPH. Sub-specialty and ultrasound clinics are in the same convenient location. Resident continuity clinics beginning in the intern year are designed to optimize patient care as well as resident education. A wide range of inpatient and outpatient gyn surgical procedures, including minimally invasive, laparoscopic, robotic and traditional open cases are done by faculty and residents at the various locations. Students are active participants in outpatient and inpatient care, as well as deliveries and gynecological surgeries and all formal rounds and informal bedside discussions.

Gynecology Subspecialties (Gynecologic Oncology & Reproductive Endocrinology)

Danny Barnhill, MD
Chief of the Section

Gynecologic Oncology

The Gynecologic Oncology Section supports the teaching, research, and service activities of the LSU Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. There is emphasis on the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of malignant diseases of the female genital tract; the use of colposcopy and physical examination to aid diagnosis and management; and specialized treatment methods such as cryotherapy, laser therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and advanced extended surgical techniques. The course curriculum for both house staff and medical students includes lectures, ward rounds, conferences, specialty clinics and special teaching sessions in Colposcopy and Gynecologic Pathology. An elective is offered in Gynecologic Oncology for senior medical students.

Reproductive Endocrinology

This is a subspecialty program offering sophistication in reproductive medicine. The Section provides a full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic services, basic and clinical research programs, and educational opportunities to students, practitioners and paramedical personnel. Infertility evaluations, hormonal, endoscopic diagnoses, and induction of ovulation and microsurgery are active areas of clinical practice. An elective in Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility is offered to seniors.

Maternal / Fetal Medicine

Joseph M. Miller, MD
Chief of the Section

This is a subspecialty within the field of Obstetrics. It encompasses diagnosis and treatment of patients with medical problems in pregnancy. The goal is to decrease the morbidity and mortality of the mother and baby. The process of identification spans the anterpartum, intrapartum, and postpartum periods. High-risk pregnancy care often results in antepartum hospitalization for diagnosis and stabilization. Antenatal testing includes ultrasound, biophysical profile, Doppler evaluation of intracranial or umbilical artery blood flow and amniocentesis. The rotation is designed for seniors and involves teaching and work rounds, attendance at high-risk clinics, fetal assessment, and weekly didactic conferences. Evaluation is by the house staff and faculty related to the above activities.