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Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 
Catalog/Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Radiology

Leonard Bok, MD
Professor and Head of the Department

Radiology is integral to the diagnostic work-up and care of patients. A longitudinal approach to Radiology education is utilized throughout the four years. In the first year, radiographic anatomy is taught in correlation with gross anatomy. Students learn normal radiographic anatomy and anatomic relationships via cross-sectional imaging modalities and by organ systems. The department faculty also actively participates in the DXR interactive curriculum. In the second year, as students are introduced to pathology and mechanisms of disease, radiology is again introduced, with an emphasis on diagnostic work-up in clinical problem solving. Basic disease processes (neoplasia, inflammation, etc.) are also introduced using an organ system approach in correlation with anatomic pathology in the laboratory. In the beginning of the third year prior to beginning clinical services, a focused introduction to radiology is taught during the Radiology Junior Course. The focus is on the integration of the clinical and imaging work-ups. Students are expected to: learn the importance of diagnostic pathways and proper sequencing of imaging exams, understand the need for accurate clinical data and determination of examination appropriateness, understand strengths and limitations of available imaging modalities and specific examinations and learn what different common examinations entail for the patient (including patient preparation, positioning, radiation exposure, cost, length of time and patient cooperation). Additionally, students are taught core competencies in basic radiographic interpretation.

These concepts are expanded upon in the fourth year elective. All instruction utilizes computer-based learning and lecture formats.