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Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 
Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSN (CARE Concentration) Curriculum

Pre-Nursing and Support Courses (40 Credits)

  • English Composition [6 Credits]
  • Algebra/Statistics [6 Credits]
  • Biology and Laboratory [4 Credits]
  • Microbiology [3 Credits]
  • Physical Sciences [3 Credits]
  • Sociology [3 Credits]
  • Psychology [3 Credits]
  • Developmental Psychology [3 Credits]
  • Fine Arts [3 Credits]
  • Humanities [9 Credits]


43 hours of prerequisite coursework will be required.



Physical Sciences- Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, and Meteorology

Fine Arts- Music, Visual Arts, Applied Arts, Theatre, and Dance

Humanities -Literature, Foreign Language, History, Communications, Philosophy, Classical Studies, and Religious Studies

Courses must conform to LA Board of Regents requirements for graduation from a Louisiana College or University and provide the foundation that supports the Nursing Curriculum.

CARE Curriculum

Transfer to Traditional Program

Students, who are unsuccessful in the CARE program and desire to continue in nursing, may request a transfer to the transitional BSN program. They must meet with the program director of CARE, complete petition paperwork requesting the Admissions, Progressions and Graduation Committee (A, P, & G) approve a transfer from CARE to traditional BSN program.