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Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 
Catalog/Bulletin 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Cardiopulmonary Science, BS

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Minimum Requirements

Admission to the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Cardiopulmonary Science is on a competitive basis. Satisfactory completion of the minimum requirements identified below is required.

  1. Completion of not less than sixty (60) semester hours, or its equivalent, of acceptable credits prior to the date of registration.
  2. Satisfactory completion of listed prerequisite courses (as part of the 60 semester credits specified), or their equivalent, based upon the Department faculty’s acceptance of equivalency. Applicants should have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) for all prerequisite courses.
  3. The applicant is advised to visit one or more facilities that employ respiratory therapists and cardiovascular sonographers to talk with the specialists and to gain knowledge of the field.
  4. Students who hold baccalaureate degrees may earn a second bachelor’s degree in cardiopulmonary science provided that they: (a) complete all requirements (including subject requirements) for the second degree; and (b) meet all quality point and grade requirements applicable to the second degree.

Prerequisite Courses

  • English (Composition) [6 Credits]
  • Humanities  [9 Credits]*
  • Chemistry (General and Laboratory) [8 Credits]
  • Mathematics (Algebra and Trigonometry) [6 Credits]
  • Biology (General and Laboratory) [8 Credits]
  • Human Physiology [3 Credits]**
  • Science Elective [3 Credits]***
  • Psychology (General) [3 Credits]
  • Physics (General and Laboratory) [4 Credits]
  • Microbiology (Introductory and Laboratory) [4 Credits]
  • Art Elective [3 Credits]****
  • Sociology [3 Credits]

Subtotal: 60 Credits

* Humanities recommended: English, Technical Writing, Advanced Composition, or Foreign Language
** If Human Physiology is not offered, Human Anatomy & Physiology may be substituted
*** Science Electives recommended: Human Anatomy, Organic Chemistry, or Embryology
**** Art Elective recommended: Music, Art, Dance, or Theater

Technical Standards

In addition to proven academic ability and other relevant personal characteristics, the Department of Cardiopulmonary Science expects all applicants for admission to possess and be able to demonstrate the skills, attributes, and qualities set forth below, without unreasonable dependence on technology or intermediaries.

Physical Health - A cardiopulmonary science student must possess the physical health and stamina needed to carry out the program of health care education.

Intellectual Skills - A cardiopulmonary science student must have sufficient powers of intellect to acquire, assimilate, integrate, and apply information. A cardiopulmonary science student must have the intellectual ability to solve problems. A cardiopulmonary science student must possess the ability to comprehend three dimensional and spatial relationships.

Motor Skills - A cardiopulmonary science student must have sufficient use of motor skills to carry out all necessary procedures, both those involved in learning the fundamental sciences and those required in the hospital and clinical environment. This includes the ability to participate in relevant educational exercises and to extract information from written sources.

Communication - A cardiopulmonary science student must have sufficient use of the senses of speech, hearing, and vision to communicate effectively with patients, teachers, and peers in both oral and written forms.

Sensory Abilities - A cardiopulmonary science student must have sufficient use of the senses of vision, hearing, touch, and smell to observe effectively in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical setting. Students must possess the ability to observe both close at hand and at a distance.

Behavioral Qualities - A cardiopulmonary science student must possess emotional health sufficient to carry out the tasks above; and must have good judgment, and must behave in a professional, reliable, mature, and responsible manner. A cardiopulmonary science student must be adaptable, possessing sufficient flexibility to function in new and stressful environments. A cardiopulmonary science student must possess appropriate motivation, integrity, compassion, and a genuine interest in caring for others.

Statement of Satisfactory Academic Progress

The following requirements pertaining to the status of satisfactory academic progress apply to all students enrolled in the Department of Cardiopulmonary Science.

In order to achieve the status of satisfactory academic progress the student must satisfy the following minimum standards.

  1. Maintain a grade-point average that is consistent with the academic standards set by the Department.
  2. Satisfactorily complete the required number of credit hours per semester established by the Department.
  3. Satisfactorily complete all course work required for graduation in not more than four calendar years. Individual programs may specify different time lines.

Students’ academic progress will be reviewed by the Department once per academic year (the academic year will include any order of the Summer, Fall and Spring periods e.g.; Fall, Spring, Summer; Spring, Summer, Fall.)

The names of those students who have not achieved the status of satisfactory academic progress will be forwarded to the Director of Financial Aid for appropriate action. Students in this category may request that their progress be re-evaluated more than once per academic year.

Appeals may be made in accordance with the procedures set forth in the section of this catalog/bulletin entitled, “Student Academic Appeals.”

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