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Catalog/Bulletin 2022-2023 
Catalog/Bulletin 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Conduct


In conjunction with LSU Health Policy, the School of Dentistry is committed to providing each member of its community with an atmosphere of respect, individualism, and consideration.  Each person is expected to demonstrate qualities conducive to promoting a positive and supportive learning environment. Additionally, individuals are responsible for displaying professionalism and appropriate conduct at all times and in all situations.

It is the duty and responsibility of all students to acquaint themselves with all provisions of the Code of Conduct. Every student will be conclusively presumed to have knowledge of all rules and regulations contained in the Code of Conduct from the date of his or her initial registration at the School of Dentistry. The Code of Conduct may be amended at any time by the authority of the Administrative Council. Amendments are effective upon approval of the Administrative Council.  The Code of Conduct and any other School of Dentistry rules and regulations of personal conduct currently in effect, including all amendments, shall be contained in the Student Handbook and on the Learning Center.

All School of Dentistry students are expected to obey federal, state, and local laws and comply with directives issued by administrative officials at the School of Dentistry or LSU Health New Orleans in the course of their authorized duties. Any student who engages in conduct that violates School of Dentistry or LSU Health New Orleans rules or federal, state, or local laws is subject to discipline whether the conduct takes place on or off campus and whether or not civil or criminal penalties are imposed for such conduct.

Students must demonstrate the highest standards of character and integrity that warrant the public confidence and trust bestowed on them as health professionals. The standards for PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT are included in the LSUSD Student Handbook of Policies and Procedures. Among the elements of professionalism, each student must adhere to the following specific standards of care:

  1. Each student must exhibit professional courtesy toward faculty, supporting staff, fellow students and patients;
  2. Each student must maintain up-to-date, accurate and complete records regarding treatment performed on patients and patient fees;
  3. No student shall deviate from treatment plans unless the deviation is authorized and documented in writing by the appropriate faculty;
  4. No student shall jeopardize the well-being of a patient under any circumstances.


Misconduct occurring within or outside the confines of the teaching programs will subject the offending student to appropriate disciplinary measures which may include dismissal, depending on the severity of the offense.    At the time of matriculation, all students receive a copy of the LSU School of Dentistry Student Handbook of Policies and Procedures. The handbook puts forth a complete set of policies and procedures including all phases of due process relating to misconduct.  

The Committee on Professional Conduct, a subcommittee of the Student Affairs Committee, is charged with ensuring that the School of Dentistry Code of Conduct is being upheld by all members of the dental school community.  Reports of unprofessional conduct will be reviewed by the committee while protecting the right to due process of all members of the School of Dentistry. 

Individuals displaying unprofessional conduct will be subject to disciplinary action. Reports of such conduct will be reviewed by the Committee on Professional Conduct according to the Rules of Procedure. Recommendations made by the Committee on Professional Conduct will be presented to the Dean for approval.