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Catalog/Bulletin 2022-2023 
Catalog/Bulletin 2022-2023


All students are expected to comply with the general Health Sciences Center provisions governing registration as specified in the General Information Section of the Catalog/Bulletin. Dates for registration are listed in the Calendar of this section. Late registration is permitted only under unusual circumstances and a fee will be assessed.

It is sometimes necessary for a student to carry more than 15 hours of credit per semester in the first year of graduate study. Permission to exceed the usual 15 hour credit limit may be granted by the Program.

All full-time students engaged in research should register for it. Although only fifteen hours will be counted for the doctoral degree, students should continue to register for research every semester in which they are engaged in research.

Health Requirements

Immunizations are mandatory prior to registration at the Health Sciences Center. Students will receive information and instructions pertinent to student health in their acceptance packet.

Multi Campus Registration

Students enrolled full-time in the LSU System (LSU A&M, LSUHSC) may cross enroll. Students are required to complete an application for LSU System Multi-Campus Registration (available in Student Affairs Office). This form must be submitted to the Student Affairs office two weeks prior to registration. Students should first register with their home school. Documentation that fees have been paid at the home school, a course schedule form, and two copies of Multi-Campus Registration Form must be submitted at registration.

Auditing Classes

Enrolled students may audit courses without credit. Persons not enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies will not be permitted to audit.

Degrees for Full-Time Faculty and Staff

The School of Graduate Studies will not award graduate degrees to full-time faculty of the Health Sciences Center above the rank of Instructor or to other employees without permission of the Program and the Dean.

Full-Time Employees

LSUHSC employees may not register for more than six hours of credit per semester. No full-time employee will be permitted to register without written approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor, Department Head and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. The employee must deliver the letter to the Dean’s Office of the School of Graduate Studies in the Resource Center at least two weeks before registration. The employee must also complete a Graduate School Application Form and pay the $30 application fee. At registration, the employee will pay for the course according to the Health Sciences Center Fee Schedule. Employees may qualify for a Tuition and Fee exemption. Criteria and eligibility information may be obtained from the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance on the eighth floor of the Resource Center.

Employees are limited to a total of 12 graduate course hours. Only under extraordinary circumstances can this total be exceeded and only upon the recommendation of the Graduate Advisory Council and the approval of the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.