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Catalog/Bulletin 2022-2023 
Catalog/Bulletin 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


[83 Credits]
This basic course in periodontics teaches the gross and histologic features of the normal periodontium. Emphasis is placed on the recognition of the periodontal lesions with an understanding of all the etiologic factors involved in the initiation and the progression of periodontal diseases. Discussions and lectures stress the need to formulate a logical sequence of therapy based on sound biologic principles and on information obtained from a thorough clinical and radiographic examination. A broad overview of all current and accepted treatment procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, is presented. Pre-clinical sessions in the simulation laboratory will familiarize students with the use of ultrasonic instruments. Clinical sessions provide the opportunity for students to evaluate, diagnose, treatment plan, and provide nonsurgical therapy for patients with mild to moderate periodontal disease. This experience assists the student in implementing the knowledge obtained in the classroom to a clinical environment. Demonstrations of clinical procedures will include patient management, proper aseptic procedures and selected surgical procedures. (Department of Periodontics) Legacy Course: PERIO0010006 – INTRODUCTION TO PERIODONTICS